New support groups begins September 24th

Women Vets on Point is pleased to present Seeking Safety, a virtual psychotherapy group for our women veterans. WVoP’s Seeking Safety Support Group offers an evidenced-based approach in a closed group format that promotes physical and emotional safety for each participant and in their relationships with others.

This closed group starts on September 24th and will meet weekly on a virtual platform from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. PST over the course of 6 weeks. We invite interested women veterans to register in advance of the first session. Please note that participants may not register mid-cycle, but will have opportunities to join in the future, as this program will be offered again. Like all of our services, this group is free to all women veterans.

Upon completion, participants will have gained:

  • The ability to identify triggers to emotional responses and build and strengthen a toolbelt of coping strategies to effectively manage challenging symptoms and experiences.
  • Recognize how the past has shaped the present and learn techniques to influence these perceptions and create new, more positive narratives.
  • Gain multiple self-care skills used to keep and maintain safety of self and safety in relationships.
  • Achieve a sense of connection and solidarity amongst fellow group members.


Contact Kathleen Cone, LCSW, WVoP Licensed Therapist, at KCone@usvetsinc.org or by phone at 213.700.7182.