A Love Letter for Our Veterans

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romance! We’ve created a special Valentine message for women veterans on our website, and there’s a place for you to share your own “Valentine” of respect, love and inspiration for your veteran sisters. Go get your message and leave your own >>

Welcome to our New Program Coordinator!

Meet Navy Veteran Rocio Palmero Rocio is excited to bring her skills and passion for supporting other veterans to the Women Vets on Point team as the new Program Coordinator.  “Service did not end for me when my enlistment ended, it was merely the beginning of my understanding of what it means to serve,” she …

mentally exhausted

Nurturing Your Mental Health & Wellness During the Holidays

While the holidays are advertised as joyous occasions filled with traditions, special events, and gatherings with loved ones, they can also introduce a mixed bag of emotions. For many, this time of year can trigger overwhelming feelings, even amidst positive experiences. Others would prefer to avoid the season altogether. However you may feel about the holidays, …

Cristina Garcia

Passing the Torch

We thank Cristina Garcia for her service in the U.S. Army and her dedication to the Women Vets on Point program. As the Women Vets on Point Program Coordinator, Cristina infused passion and energy into the team and program services. Her leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic ensured uninterrupted services as the program adapted to changing …

New support groups begins September 24th

Women Vets on Point is pleased to present Seeking Safety, a virtual psychotherapy group for our women veterans. WVoP’s Seeking Safety Support Group offers an evidenced-based approach in a closed group format that promotes physical and emotional safety for each participant and in their relationships with others. This closed group starts on September 24th and …