Women Vets on Point supports women who have served by finding solutions to their unique needs. We connect you and your family to the employment, housing and other resources you need. We offer specialized mental health services for individuals and families, and we work to strengthen the bond between women veterans in our community.

Connect with us over live web chat or phone to learn what our program offers. We are women and men who have served, working with those who support us. And we are ready to support you and your family.


Mental Health Toolkit for managing negative feelings


Hear stories from other women who have served, and share your own


Explore tools to understand and improve reactions to stress and change

Video: What is Women Vets on Point?

Helping Women Veterans in Los Angeles

Women Vets on Point is an independent, not-for-profit program for military-connected women, informed by women veterans and those who support us. We offer support, resources and a variety of mental health care options to women during or after their service.