Mental Health Toolkit

This toolkit from Women Vets on Point offers tips and resources for managing difficult emotions. We frequently add to these pages, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter for updates.


mentally exhausted

…Mentally Exhausted?
The best way to overcome mental exhaustion is to share your mental burdens in a safe environment such as with a close friend, support groups or private counseling. Women Vets on Point offers Transitional Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Seeking Safety and free individual counseling.

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Your mind can lie to you about a bleak outcome for a difficult situation you’re in right now. Remember that there are several ways things can get better or change on any given day. The best way to combat hopelessness it to identify things in your control and find realistic solutions. Discussing feelings of hopelessness with a trusted person is another way to release them from your thoughts and bring another perspective to the problems bringing the most worry to your day. has more details and additional ways to combat hopelessness.


With the pandemic continuing to grow, feelings of isolation may increase throughout the holiday season, making it tough to cope on a daily basis. Meeting new people, strengthening existing bonds, engaging around hobbies and volunteering are great strategies for combatting isolation.

lacking purpose

…Lacking in Purpose?
Feeling without purpose can be discouraging. Engaging your mind in activities you like to do such as reading, gardening, biking, or even trying a new hobby can help. Additionally, sharing your story can be a great reminder of all you have accomplished already. Military Women’s Memorial documents the experiences of women veterans and tells their stories of service, sacrifice and achievements to inspire future generations. Learn more and submit your story here.



The feeling of desertion can sink deep and attach to your self-worth, but you can combat it. Feeling deserted or rejected in a specific situation is not a rejection of you as a human.  To help overcome desertion, first take time to step away from the situation, even for a few minutes. Find ways to build your self-esteem, such as watching this Ted Talk or using to vent and release your thoughts about the situation. And try building a closer relationship with one person you deeply trust. Reach out and share your authentic self to create a deeper, more fulfilling bond.


Worthlessness is a feeling that grows with repeated negative self-talk. It can feed off of rejection, disappointments, or comparisons to others. Discover how to get out of feedback loops and reduce the feeling of uselessness.

emotionally exhausted

…Emotionally Exhausted?
Evaluating the external factors that are adding pressure to your emotional state helps bring awareness to things that are influencing your emotions. Check out our tips and resources.

physically exhausted

…Physically Exhausted?
Exhaustion can sneak up at inconvenient times. Try meditating, breathing exercises or even doing yoga to help restore a loss of energy. Check out these specific tips, links, and videos.