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Tools That Can Help

Problems with mental health can include a broad set of feelings and symptoms, things such as trouble sleeping, feeling cranky or low, not having a lot of energy, feeling jumpy and nervous, or wanting to disconnect even from people you love and experiences that mean a lot to you. These symptoms are common among women who have experienced trauma in the military or at other times in their lives. If you’ve had these experiences, you may feel like you should handle it on your own. But getting support is important both for you and for those you love. There are many ways you can learn more about how you are feeling. Below are several starting places.


Take a short questionnaire to better understand my mood



Try a tool to help self-monitor and self-manage drinking and symptoms of PTSD


PTSD Coach

Identify self-help strategies for coping with anger, trauma reminders, and sleep disruptions

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CBT-i Coach

Improve sleep habits using a proven online therapy

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