Networking Hour: Mindful Veteran Project

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Networking Hour: Mindful Veteran Project
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29 October 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Online Meeting

Join us for the WVoP Networking Hour, where we invite strong members of the veteran community to come and speak about services available to all our veterans. We can all use the encouragement as well as the information that will help us understand benefits that will support our best lives.

Gail SofferOur guest for this meeting is Gail Soffer, the daughter of a veteran and the Founder & Executive Director of the Mindful Veteran Project (formerly known as the Mindful Warrior Project), a non-profit organization that guides veterans in simple, secular practices of mindfulness, empowering them to cultivate their inner strengths, support their own wellbeing, participate in their own healing process, explore new possibilities, and enjoy the highest possible quality of life.  More about Gail (PDF).

Gail will tell us all about Mindful Veteran Project’s work in general, and specifically about several exciting projects just for women veterans.

How to Join: Register here for the Zoom link.