Networking Hour: Liz Flint

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Networking Hour: Liz Flint
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10 June 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Online Meeting

Join us for the WVOP Networking Hour, where we invite strong members of the veteran community to come and speak about services available to all our veterans. This week we will be inviting Liz Flint from MFS Investment Management to speak about “Savvy Women, Smart Investors.” 

Your financial decisions today help set you up for your future. Learn to make them well! Liz will cover financial matters relevant to you and discuss how to balance current needs and long-term goals, like retirement and caring for loved ones. You’ll leave equipped with the knowledge and confidence to take your financial journey — wherever you may want to go.

Liz Flint is an assistant vice president and head of MFS’ Phoenix sales desk. She leads a team of more than a dozen internal sales representatives who play a key role in supporting MFS clients and the firm’s wholesalers throughout the western United States.

Liz has a deep knowledge of client needs and serves as a mentor to numerous sales associates entering the asset management industry. In her role, she sees firsthand the increasingly important contribution of women in financial services. Liz is a featured speaker in MFS’ ongoing initiative with partner firms to educate financial advisors about the unique and evolving financial needs of women. She frequently engages with female financial advisors to recognize, support and learn about their roles in what has been a traditionally male‐oriented industry.

Like many at MFS, Liz joined the firm right out of college and never left. After earning a business management degree from Arizona State University in 2001, she started on the phones taking calls from shareholders and was managing the Phoenix sales desk less than six years later. Since then, she has become a leader at MFS, calling attention — both inside and outside the firm — to the issues and challenges facing female financial advisors and investors in a rapidly evolving financial services industry.