Combatting Feelings of Isolation

Ideas for coping during COVID and the holidays

The feeling of isolation may have increased for some people during the pandemic, and it can be tough to cope with on a daily basis.

Feeling isolated is not always from physically being alone, but can also come from a lack of emotional connection. Signs of isolation can vary between person to person but, according to, common identifiers are an inability to connect deeply with others, a lack of best friends, a weighted feeling of loneliness, separation or disengagement, feelings of self-doubt or lacking self-worth and feeling unnoticed.

The best way to combat isolation is to meet new people, engage in a new hobby, or strengthen bonds with those you already know. Check out our free support groups for women veterans,  Facebook Groups, Meetup or this list of virtual groups focused on specific hobbies and interests.

Virtual Events

Free Virtual Yoga Class
Free Weekly Story Time
Free Virtual Watch Party
Free Virtual Singing Group
Free way to make new virtual friends


U.S.VETS has great volunteer opportunities to help you feel more connected.

Tips for managing other difficult feelings

Our campaign home page has tips for other common negative emotions or feelings.