WATCH: Financial Management for Women Veterans

Managing finances after military service is challenging for many women veterans. When serving on active duty or reserves, the military provided a lot of perks that made life easier, like inexpensive housing or child care on base.

But after discharge, many veterans must learn how to make those dollars stretch! It’s a lot different when you’re out on your own, especially when providing for a family.

On September 24, Women Vets on Point hosted a virtual networking hour with special guest Guillermo Saade from Edward Jones, facilitated by by WVoP Program Coordinator Rocio Palmero.

Guillermo spoke to a group of women veterans about “Preparing for the unexpected” and “Simplifying your spending and savings strategies”.

Watch the video:


Guillermo Saade is a seasoned financial advisor at Edward Jones. Prior to joining the company in 2018, he worked in business development, consulting, and market research for ten years. Guillermo has a passion for helping families become financially stable and achieving financial goals.

In the WVoP Networking Hour, we invite strong members of the veteran community to come and speak about services that are available to all our veterans. We can all use the encouragement as well as the information that will help us understand benefits that will support our best lives.