Networking Hour: Veterans Benefits

On May 13, Behkie Aguilar from JVS SoCal Veteran Peer Access Network spoke with us and answered questions about VPAN SD1 and the benefits that are available to Veterans and their families.

Cinco de Mayo: Event report

Hola! On Thursday, May 5 Women Vets on Point celebrated Cinco de Mayo, virtual style! We talked about the history of the Battle of Puebla and the importance of this day. We celebrated with bingo and “The Wheel”. Best of all, we were able to have some emotional and difficult conversations that only occur with …

Networking Hour: Vet Centers

In this Networking Hour held on April 22, Krishna Flores speaks of her experiences as an active duty Marine, surviving MST and how The Vet Centers can help Veterans and their families overcome barriers with supportive services.

Networking Hour: Aimee Bravo (video)

Aimee Bravo and Rocio Palmero discuss identifying volunteer opportunities that help establish a leadership role and accelerate career growth;  the best methods for implementing the 80/20 rule to build confidence with skills building; and the significance of active listening in a leadership role. This recording of the Networking Hour from March 25, 2022 is light-hearted, …