Women Veterans Going “Green” for St. Patrick’s Day Meetup

Women Vets on Point hosted a session of fun, games and sharing in a virtual St. Patrick’s Day Happy Hour on March 17.

The event kicked off with the Saturday Night Live piece This Not a Feminist Song as members laughed and the tone of the meeting was set. Program Director Rocio Palmero introduced the WvOP staff team so each of the 18 attendees could put a face to all the moving parts of the woman-focused organization.

Next, a scavenger hunt with a twist sent attendees on a search for leprechaun food, lucky and green items, swiping through previously snapped photos in their phone gallery. “What do leprechauns eat?” a participant chuckled as they frantically looked for an unspecified dish. The (virtual) room burst into laughter after hearing the background stories of the more unordinary images.

Then it was time for a few rounds of on-screen Bingo. Each time the leader announced “We have time for another round!” the room cheered with excitement for their updated cards. Laughter would fill the room each time someone  prematurely shouted “Bingo!”

The virtual party wrapped up with guests sharing home recipes of Cabbage and Corn beef and other unique family dishes.

“We need to do this more,” one guest said. “We [female veterans] don’t have anything like this.”

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