Honoring Vanessa Guillen

Recently, one of our sisters has fallen due to a tragedy that has left us all in disbelief. We are stricken by the death of Vanessa Guillen, a loss that has gripped the attention of various communities across the country. Vanessa enlisted in the Army in 2018, and served honorably as a small arms/artillery repairer with the 3rd  Cavalry Regiment in Texas. A Houston native, she is survived by her parents and five siblings.

Serving in the military is an honor. As women veterans, we are united in our commitment to serve and protect. Throughout our careers, we have built communities that stand together like families, unwavering in support and care. As time goes on, we retire and jump into our new normal lifestyles, often reminiscing about the friendships made or lessons learned – yet – even as we live civilian lives, our military familial ties are never broken. Our military sisterhood, and the communities that love and support us, are banded together in solidarity to vocalize pursuit of a military organization that is safe for all women veterans to participate and free of sexual trauma. Many efforts have been made by women veterans, servicewomen, and supporters for #JusticeForVanessaGuillen.

For some, these events may be a reminder of past hurts and experiences that continue to cause pain, sadness, anger, and many other feelings that can be difficult to manage. We want you to know that these experiences and feelings are valid and real.

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